Building Your Iron Station Concrete Pool With CPC Pools Can Save Money Over A Fiberglass Pool

Start building out your own backyard retreat today with Iron Station concrete pool builder CPC Pools, and save money over a fiberglass model with a fully customized concrete pool. Concrete offers a variety of benefits over fiberglass pools, and is the only way to truly make your dream pool become a reality.
Fiberglass pools come premolded, with very limited designs- these molds are shipped directly to the home, and must be secured with a soil backfill (often sand). These prefabricated models can be brittle, and requiring addition just to seat them can have far reaching consequences, especially after a storm. ‘
Just like natural soil, sand shifts and erodes during storms, which to homeowners means grains rubbing and creating hairline fissures within their new pool. Mother nature can shift the sand, creating bulges in the pool wall itself- either of these conditions require professionals to repair or outright replace the pool, dramatically increasing costs.
By working with Carolina Pool Consultants, building a new concrete pool saves homeowners cash resources and potential time in their pool, over a fiberglass model. Concrete is by far more durable, and can be poured to any shape that you can possibly imagine, meaning a truly one of a kind pool.
What does your dream pool look like? Did you want a hot tub flanked by greenery features? What about a unique rock formation, with a waterfall cascading from it? Concrete pools means we can build all of these features, turning them into a reality.
Let us make your dream pool a reality, call Iron Station concrete pool builder CPC Pools today. Our custom pool builders will save you money in the long run, while building out a pool that not only matches, but enhances your existing décor.

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