Which is better: a Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool or a Concrete Swimming Pool?

What’s better a Vinyl swimming pool or Concrete pool? We come across this question a lot when discussing new pool builds with customers- time and time again we’ve recommended on building a concrete gunite pool over a vinyl lined pool for the simple reasons of cost, and customization.
Below we’ll break down the differences of vinyl pools vs concrete pools so you can make a more informed decision when deciding what form of pool to buy.
Vinyl Pools

-Vinyl pools are the cheapest pool to build.
-Vinyl pools have a thin liner that’s non-porous
-Vinyl pool liners require replacement often, every 3-8 years.
-Vinyl pools are expensive to maintain with their thin liner- more often than not, the very tools used to clean the vinyl pools can end up puncturing the liner leading to expensive repair and replacement bills.
-Very little customization options exist for vinyl pool owners, both in terms of add-ons and design.
-Decreased home value due to constant replacement bills.
Concrete Gunite Pools
-Complete customization options- any design/ finish/ additions/ custom option you can possibly imagine is available to concrete pool owners.
-Concrete pools are EXCEPTIONALLY durable, and are reinforced with rebar.
-High durability means lower maintenance and repair costs.
-Concrete pool’s sturdiness allow for a wide range of people and activities to occur therein- families or homeowners expecting multiple people inside their pool prefer the versatility and durability of concrete pools.
-Higher entry cost.
As the old adage goes, “You Get What You Pay For,” and with concrete pools you certainly do. Often families approach our pool builders wondering if vinyl pools are better; we feel obligated to tell them we believe not, for the simple reasons of savings and having control over their purchase.
Children, pets, overhanging trees, even objects with non-smooth sides can all puncture vinyl pool liners. With the average liner and replacement cost of a vinyl pool hanging around $4000, every 3-8 years vinyl pool owners will be shelling out more cash. These built-in expenses for are above and beyond any maintenance, repair and replacement bills incurred from vinyl pools.
Concrete gunite pool designs can be customized to any shape that you can possibly imagine. Additional options such as hot tubs, custom steps, water features, rock formations, specialized surfaces and more are all available to concrete pool owners; these options are closed to those whom choose to purchase a vinyl pool.
Give a call to our custom concrete pool builders today over at Carolina Pool Consultants; you’ll be glad you did when you’re deciding whether to purchase a vinyl pool or concrete pool.

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