Which Is Better, A Concrete Pool Or Fiberglass Pool? Speaking With Our Lincolnton Pool Builders Can Save You A Bundle

Every day we work with families to help them save on new pool construction- we even have reached out to our friends at Lyon’s Bank to help families attain new pool financing. We at CPC Pools are honored to have you and your family as customers, for years we’ve worked to ensure that your dream pool comes to life before your eyes. Get the facts on which is better, a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool when you speak with our Lincolnton concrete pool builders!
Did you know that fiberglass pools are formed from a mold? Made from preformed molds, this does keep the entry cost slightly lower than concrete pools, but it severely limits design simply due to the limited mold designs. Not only this, but custom options like hot tubs and water features are nearly nonexistent.
Fiberglass pools must be transported from a manufacturer, wherein they can develop hairline fissures during transit which may not be discernable until the pool is set into the ground. Furthermore, the very sand backfill used to secure fiberglass pools can shift during a heavy storm, leading to bulges, cracks and expensive repairs.
If you’re looking for a truly one of a kind pool, speak with our Lincolnton concrete pool builders for a pool that’s built to last- poured onsite, concrete pools can be designed to any shape and style you can possibly imagine!
We look forward to working with you- sincerely, we can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your family’s pool, the place where you’ll make memories around for years to come. Start your new pool build today by calling 704-799-5236

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