Schedule Your Custom Concrete Pool Consultation in Denver NC with Top Pool Builder Carolina Pool Consultants

With 2021 in full swing and we begin to approach the warmer spring and summer months, now is a great time to get your new concrete pool installed in Denver NC. Did you know that there are three main pool types you can choose from when it comes to your new pool? Homeowners have the option of installing a concrete pool, fiberglass pool or vinyl liner pool but at CPC Pools we specialize in concrete pools. Read on below to find out why we design, build and install concrete pools across Greater Denver NC for our customers. 

Knowing the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the three main pool types can help you make an educated decision on the right pool for your backyard. We design, build, and install concrete pools for our customers more often than not, concrete pools and their durability, longevity, and customization options, sell themselves to property owners.

Concrete pools as you might expect are the most expensive pool type initially to install and this is because concrete is more expensive than fiberglass and vinyl liner and the labor involved to build a concrete pool is more intensive than setting a fiberglass pool or vinyl liner pool in place. However, concrete pools have their advantages. Concrete pools can be made into any shape, size or depth and have nearly limitless features such as attached spas, waterfalls, integrated slides, underwater seat shelves, and a wading entry. Because of this, homeowners can create truly a unique pool that meets all of their needs. 

Fiberglass pools on the other hand, are manufactured in a facility and shipped in their final form to your home. This means you are limited in your design choices to a catalog of different pool types, selecting a pre-decided shape and size for your backyard. Once your fiberglass pool arrives, it must be backfilled into place, which can lead to bulging sidewalls and spider vein cracking as it ages, which are difficult and expensive to repair. 

Vinyl liner pools are often the cheapest type of pool to install and initially this can be a reason homeowners are interested in this pool type. However, this pool type is also limited in its shape, size and design and the vinyl liner is subject to frequent replacement and can also be torn or ripped by pets, pool toys and equipment, children, storm debris and other objects.

Get in touch with year round concrete pool builder in Denver NC, Carolina Pool Consultants, today at 704-799-5236 to schedule your free pool estimate and consultation. We look forward to bringing your vision for your backyard to life with a gorgeous new custom concrete pool.