Troutman Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Fiberglass Swimming Pools

When you are thinking about transforming your backyard with a beautiful pool, you have probably thought about the differences between concrete swimming pools and fiberglass swimming pools. At Carolina Pool Consultants, it is something that we hear all the time and we can help you decide which pool is right for you in Troutman North Carolina.

For starters, concrete swimming pools are installed on site and built into the ground, whereas fiberglass pools are shipped in their final form. This means that with a concrete swimming pool you can create any shape that you want, any size that you want, and any depth to your pool. You can have one end that is deep and another that is shallow or have a gradual slope from one side to the other.

Fiberglass pools are most always selected out of a catalogue, so yes, you can pick between pool 1, pool 2, or pool 3,  but will have little to no choice in depth or shape other than selecting which pool you want from the offerings of the company you are working with.

Because of this, concrete pools are also able to have nearly any type of option or feature that can come on a pool, such as an attached hot tub or spa, a waterfall or water-fountain, underwater seat shelves, or multiple staircases or shallow wading spaces.

Fiberglass pools are also at risk of becoming damaged from children and pets to pool equipment and debris from inclement weather. The fiberglass shell is very difficult to repair and even more difficult to match the same shell color from older fiberglass to the repair work.

Concrete pools on the other hand offer relatively low maintenance upkeep in the long run and are nearly indestructible when it comes to bad weather and pool equipment.

When it comes to deciding which type of pool is right for your backyard, we are here to help. Fiberglass pools can be an attractive option due to their initial lower upfront cost, but due to the longterm higher upkeep and limited design customization, we install and recommend concrete swimming pools in Troutman for our customers.

Let Carolina Pool Consultants help you transform your backyard today with a beautiful new pool; if you are interested in financing your new pool, work with Lyons Bank.