Mooresville N.C. Concrete Gunite Pools Vs. Vinyl Pools

Mooresville homeowners, start your new concrete gunite pool installation today with Carolina Pool Consultants! We know deciding between a vinyl pool and concrete gunite pool can be difficult; our team of pool builders will provide your family information that eases the purchasing process with the facts you need to know before making such an investment.

You may have some questions running through your head such as “how will the affect my home’s value down the line?” “What are repair costs?” “Just how much will this cost me overall?” We’re able to answer all of these questions and more, such as “How long do you expect all this to take?”

Vinyl pools often times may immediately seem more attractive to homeowners as they have lower entry costs than concrete gunite pools- this difference VERY quickly evaporates when you take into consideration the extreme maintenance and repair costs vinyl pools come bundled with.

Vinyl pool liners have an average lifespan of 3-8 years, with a replacement cost (including water replacement) hovering around $4000. If your family plans to stay in the same home 10 years or more, that’s upwards of $8000 above the installation cost- even more if the smooth vinyl liner is puncture by pets, tree branches or children.

Our concrete gunite pools are extremely durable, and can be customized with specialized finishes to best match your décor. Reinforced with rebar, if you wanted to add a hot tub add-on or beautiful water feature additions to your concrete gunite backyard paradise, our Carolina Pool Consultant family will be happy to help yours- Mooresville homeowners give us a call today to learn more!