Lincolnton North Carolina Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Lincolnton N.C. Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Vinyl Liner Swimming PoolsMake sure you do your research on concrete swimming pools versus vinyl liner pools before investing in your backyard in Lincolnton North Carolina. At Carolina Pool Consultants, we work hard to build you an exceptional pool to help improve your quality of life and increase the value of your property. Have a conversation with us today about which pool is better: a concrete swimming pool or a vinyl liner pool.

Lets start off discussing what a vinyl liner pool is and what types of options you have when considering this type of pool. A vinyl liner pool is alot like it sounds, it is a pool shell that has a vinyl liner on top. Vinyl liners have a lifespan of as little as 3 years to about 8 years and must be replaced. Moreover, vinyl liners can rip from debris from inclement weather, pets and children, and even pool equipment.

Vinyl liner pools are also selected from a catalogue and offer homeowners little to no customization in terms of shape, size, depth, and design. These pools are limited to what is offered by the manufacturer and pool builder that you are working with.

Concrete pools on the other hand truly are the most customizable swimming pool, which is often why you will here the phrase ‘custom concrete pool builder’ or ‘custom concrete inground pools’. You can create any design for your new inground concrete pool, because concrete pools are built onsite after framing out the hole for it to go in. This means you can have curved edges, a really deep end, a sunshelf, and multiple sets of stairs for entering and exiting your pool.

Vinyl liner pools are ultimately a very attractive to homebuyers up front. Homebuyers are often shocked to find out they can have an inground pool for under $20,000, often times less than that. But the cost of ownership and upkeep, especially when running the risk of having to replace the vinyl liner often, ultimately leads towards homeowners finding that concrete is the way to go.

For these reasons, Carolina Pool Consultants both recommends and installs truly custom concrete pools. Don’t worry about liner replacement, costly leaks, and long term high maintenance upkeep. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and if you are interested in financing your new pool, contact Lyons Bank.