Lincolnton NC Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Lincolnton NC Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Fiberglass Swimming PoolsWhen considering installing a new pool in your backyard in Lincolnton North Carolina it is important to compare the differences between a concrete swimming pool and a fiberglass swimming pool to know which one is better for you. At Carolina Pool Consultants, we can help you determine which pool is right for backyard and install a beautiful new custom pool for you and your family.

Lets first review some of the main components of a concrete pool. Firstly, you can have virtually any design that you want – this means creating any shape, size, or depth pool. Concrete pools are installed on-site after framing out your pool. Moreover, concrete pools are extremely long-lasting with little upkeep required to keep them beautiful. Concrete pools are not at risk for damage and cracking from inclement weather and debris, pool equipment, or children like a fiberglass pool is.

When looking at fiberglass pools, you typically have to select from a catalogue. Unlike concrete pools, which are built on-site, fiberglass pools are shipped in their final form to your property and backfilled with sand. Not only does this mean you have little room for customization, but fiberglass pools must be backfilled into place which is often done with sand. When the sand gets wet, it liquifies, and creates extreme pressure against your pool which can cause cracks.

Concrete pools do have a higher up front cost because they are simply more expensive to build, especially when homeowners choose extensive customizations, something not available on fiberglass pools. The lower upfront cost on fiberglass pools is what is initially more attractive to homeowners, but because of the pitfalls that fiberglass pools have, we recommend and install concrete pools for our clients and customers.

Get a superior custom pool in Lincolnton North Carolina from Carolina Pool Consultants today. Don’t forget, a concrete pool will improve your quality of life and increase the value of your home, so please give us a call today with any questions that you have. For special financing on your new custom pool, please contact Lyons Bank.