Lake Norman N.C. Concrete Gunite Pools Vs Vinyl

Lake Norman N.C. Concrete Gunite Pools Vs VinylLake Norman homeowners, how does your backyard BBQ look now? Would it benefit from a new pool for family and friends to come and relax in? Our Carolina Pool Consultants family can help you make a smart financial decision that will actually enhance the value of your home; speak with them today to discover the pros and cons of a vinyl pool vs concrete gunite pool.

Deciding on a vinyl pool or concrete gunite pool is a big decision that could end up costing you more than bargained for; yes a vinyl pool has a lower entry cost than a concrete gunite pool. The tradeoff is the constant maintenance and repair bills Lake Norman homeowners have to put up with.

Vinyl pool liners have an average lifespan of 3-8 years, with replacement costs including water replacement averaging around $4000. Say you’re in your home for 10 years- immediately that’s around $8000 in expenses above any repair costs.

Being extremely smooth, Vinyl pool liners don’t take kindly to objects with edges on them. If you have pets, children, overhanging branches or are concerned an item without smooth edges could drop in your pool, a vinyl pool may not be for you. All aforesaid risks could puncture the vinyl liner, requiring expensive repairs.

Make a smart investing decision; speaking with our Carolina Pool Consultants can save Lake Norman homeowners a tremendous amount of money down the road! With full customization options in a concrete gunite pool, you’ll actually add value to your home rather than detracting from the resale value with a vinyl pool.