Hickory North Carolina Concrete Pools Vs Vinyl Pools

Hickory North Carolina Concrete Pools Vs Vinyl PoolsHickory NC homeowners deciding between a custom concrete gunite pool and vinyl pool, contact our Carolina Pool Consultants first before you make a final decision. Our staff of pool designers can help you significantly cut costs from repair/ replacement, and even enhance the value of your home.

To understand, how a vinyl pool can detract from a home’s value while a concrete gunite pool can significantly add to it, one needs to understand how each is created. Vinyl pools have a much lower entry cost, often making them more attractive to homeowners, but the maintenance and replacement costs quickly overwhelm initial savings.

Vinyl pool liners have set sizes, and an average lifespan of 3-8 years after which they must be replaced. Average replacement costs hover around $4000 including water, meaning an immediate additional $8000 expense above and beyond regular repair and maintenance costs for homeowners intending to stay at their property for a period.

Potential homeowners look at such expenses, and compare them against final closing costs, creating barriers to purchase with the knowledge that they’ll be forced to pay out a replacement shortly after they move. This is not the way to start or end the sale of a home.

Blowing away potential buyers with a truly one of a kind pool can only be achieved through a concrete gunite pool. Reinforced with rebar for sustained durability, our designers pour these pools on the spot, with input from you to ensure the end product we deliver is nothing short of perfect.

Speak with our staff at Carolina Pool Consultants today, we look forward to making your dream pool a reality! As the top Hickory concrete gunite pool builder, our knowledgeable staff will compare every style of pool to ensure your family continues to see the financial benefits of your pool years down the line.