Hickory N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools

Hickory NCCarolina Pool Consultants are the top Hickory NC pool builder – there’s a reason the community for years has come to us for outstanding service and concrete gunite pools. When considering on purchasing a new pool, make sure you’re making a wise investment by constructing a concrete gunite pool rather than a fiberglass pool.

What benefits does a fiberglass pool offer? What benefits does a gunite pool offer? If you value savings and control over your purchases, a concrete gunite is truly the only option for Hickory homeowners. Yes, a premolded Fiberglass pool is slightly cheaper than a concrete gunite pool- the old adage “you get what you pay for,” remains true in this instance as well.

Fiberglass pools are created from set molds, immediately limiting size and customization options homeowners would otherwise have at their disposal. Shipped from the manufacturer, fiberglass pools have been known to develop warps in transit, that aren’t apparent until the pool is set into the ground.

Sand backfill is used to secure fiberglass pool frames in the ground, which can cause additional financial headaches if or when the sand backfill erodes due to a heavy storm; this shifting can cause hairline fractures to develop, with additional repair bills resulting thereof.

Hickory Homeowners looking to create a truly one of a kind pool need to look no further than our Carolina Pool Consultants; a concrete gunite pool can be customized with special layer options, hot tub additions and water features that simply aren’t available to fiberglass pool owners. Speak with our staff today for a full comparison of concrete gunite pools vs fiberglass pools.