Denver N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Vinyl Pools

Denver N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Vinyl PoolsDeciding what the best pool financial decision is for the longterm resale value of your Denver NC home is made easier with the knowledge base at Carolina Pool Consultants. When deciding between a vinyl pool or a concrete gunite pool, ensure your family takes into consideration the financial responsibility a vinyl pool incurs as well as the potential depreciated home value down the line.

It’s true that of all pools, vinyl pools have the lowest initial investment which often draws homeowners; this price is severely offset however by continuous maintenance costs and repair bills that can crop up through general usage.

If you’re looking to make your backyard pool the centerpiece of family memories years down the line, consider the following; vinyl pool liners are extremely smooth, which scratch and puncture easily from outside forces. If you have children, pets, overhanging branches or the potential for objects with a non-smooth surface to fall into your pool, vinyl pool homeowners risk expensive pool repair bills above and beyond regular maintenance fees.

Whereas concrete gunite pools are extremely durable, vinyl pools have an average lifespan of 3-8 years, after which both the water and liner must be replaced for an average of $4000. These costs quickly overshadow the price homeowners whom decided to invest in a concrete gunite pool pay throughout the lifespan of their pool ownership.

Denver NC homeowners can best contribute to both the resale value of their home and personal investment with a concrete gunite pool rather than a vinyl pool- make an investment in yourself and your family by reaching out to our Carolina Pool Consultants family today.