Pool Maintenance
Like a car, a pool that is taken care of will do more for you, and will cost less. Here’s a few maintenance tips to keep your pool running in tip top shape, and to keep you swimming happily all summer long.


The best time to perform any type of pool maintenance is in the evening. Test the water to see if you need to add any chemicals, and add them in the evening so they have time to run their course before your family uses the pool in the morning.


If your pool is being used fairly often, increase how often you test the water. Very heavy use in a day may have you performing water tests up to three times a day!


Strong sunlight can actually affect the chlorine levels in your pool. Keep an eye on chlorine test levels during very sunny weather.


The best position to check your pool’s water is right at one of the return jets. Additionally, this is also the best spot to add chemicals, because this will ensure it mixes with the filtered water.


Your water color should always be a clear blue (varies depending on interior color). Any variation from the norm may be caused by a contaminant, like algae, and should not be ignored.


Be sure to clean all of the pool’s surfaces regularly, especially the waterline, to avoid a build up of tanning lotion, body fat, airborn dust, or algae.


Rain can throw your pool’s chemistry out of whack. Be sure to test the water after it rains, and be sure to get it back in balance as soon as possible.