Which Is Better Concrete or Fiberglass For A Pool

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Thinking about installing a new pool in your backyard in Denver NC but aren’t sure how to get started? Maybe you have been doing research online and have come across concrete pool ideas, fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools. While these are the three most popular choices for private pools, we will explain the advantages that concrete pools have over vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.

When thinking about your backyard and investing in your property with a new pool, customization is likely a very important aspect of your new pool. Concrete pools are the only pools that offer virtually any option to homeowners from a gradual slope to an attached spa and underwater seat-shelves. Concrete pools can be made into any shape, size or depth whereas vinyl liner and fiberglass pools are typically selected from a catalog and offer little to no customization. 

Moreover, concrete pools are more durable and long lasting when compared to fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools. Storm damage, pets, children and pool toys are all able to damage vinyl liner pools. And, vinyl liners must be replaced every so often regardless of whether or not they were damaged. Fiberglass pools are susceptible to bulging side walls due to backfilling and repairing fiberglass with an exact match is next to impossible, so you will have unsightly repairs that detract from the aesthetic of your new pool.

Concrete pools are almost always more expensive in the beginning but their benefits outweigh the cost for most homeowners. Schedule your free concrete pool estimate in Denver NC with Carolina Pool Consultants by calling us today at 704-799-5236. 

Vinyl Pools Versus Concrete Pools Which Is Better

Creating The Backyard Of Your Dreams Starts With A Custom Concrete Pool by Carolina Pool Consultants

Denver North Carolina homeowners that are thinking about installing a new concrete pool in their backyard rely on Carolina Pool Consultants. Not only do we have decades of experience in the industry, but we have become the trusted and preferred choice amongst Denver NC homeowners thanks to our expertise in the pool building industry. 

We design, build and install custom concrete pools for our customers for a variety of reasons, but the three most important factors when going with a concrete pool are durability, longevity and customization. Concrete pools can be built into any shape, size or depth and it is easy to integrate attached spas with waterfalls, underwater seat shelves, or other custom features. 

Moreover, concrete pools when compared to vinyl liner pools or fiberglass pools are much more durable. Concrete pools are designed and built on site, whereas fiberglass pools are shipped to your home in their final form. Fiberglass pools must be backfilled into place typically with sand, which can cause bulging sidewalls if the sand gets way. And vinyl liner pools, will require liner replacement every so often, are more susceptible to damage from pets, pool toys and equipment as well as children and storm debris. 

Contact Denver North Carolina’s top concrete pool builder Carolina Pool Consultants at 704-799-5236 for your free pool estimate and consultation in the Greater Denver NC area. We look forward to helping you transform your backyard with the beautiful concrete pool that you have always wanted.