Which Is Better Concrete or Fiberglass For A Pool

Superior Concrete Pools In Cornelius North Carolina From Carolina Pool Consultants Enhance Your Home

When you are ready to take the plunge and build a brand new superior concrete pool in Cornelius North Carolina, rely on Carolina Pool Consultants and our expert pool builders. We put our years of experience to work for you to build you a truly wonderful pool that will help increase the value of your property and improve your family’s quality of life. Give us a call today at 704-799-5236 for more information.

When it comes to installing a pool in your backyard, make sure you have done your research to find out which pool is right for you. We recommend and install superior concrete pools for a variety of reasons that include: durability, longevity, and customization options to homeowners.

Concrete pools can be virtually any shape, size, and design and are more durable than fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools. Fiberglass pools can crack and chip and vinyl liners can rip easily from pets and pool equipment to children and storm debris.

Concrete pools offer the low-maintenance ownership that homeowners want and can create a beautiful and relaxing oasis in your backyard.

Work with Carolina Pool Consultants today and schedule your superior concrete pool installation in Cornelius North Carolina with our expert pool builders. We work hard to provide you with the quality workmanship and exceptional customer service that you deserve. Reach us today to discuss your needs with us at 704-799-5236.

Carolina Pool Consultants Is Your Superior Concrete Pool Builder in Cornelius North Carolina

Carolina Pool Consultants offers superior pool building services to Cornelius North Carolina residents. When you are looking to transform your backyard with a beautiful new pool, you can rely on our expert pool builders for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Discuss your pool building needs with us by calling 7004-799-5236 for more information.

When it comes to deciding what type of pool you want for your backyard, we can help you make an educated decision. We recommend installing superior concrete pools for their limitless customization options, longevity, and durability. Homeowners have the option to design any shape, size, and depth pool that they want with features like attached spas, sun-shelves, and water features. Concrete pools are more durable than fiberglass pools and you don’t have to worry about liner replacement when you choose concrete pools over vinyl pools.

We will work with you from start to finish from designing your new dream pool to construction and installation. Let us bring summer fun right to your backyard with the custom pool you have always wanted. Our superior concrete pools will not only enhance the look and feel of your backyard, but it will create a space that you will love using for years to come.

Carolina Pool Consultants is the trusted choice for superior concrete pool installation here in Cornelius North Carolina and we look forward to helping you accomplish your backyard goals. We are your year round pool builder and can have your new concrete pool built before the warm summer months, so give us a call today at 704-799-5236.

Concrete Pools vs. Vinyl Liner Pools Which Is A Better Pool?

Just which is a better pool, a concrete pool or vinyl liner pool? You’ve asked us for years questions about new pool builds, and we proudly stand by the conclusion that concrete pools will not only present a lower overall cost to your family, you’ll find greater customization options as well!

When looking to build a new pool, you’ve got to approach it from every aspect, not just the initial build cost. How much will maintenance cost? What’s the average lifespan and replacement prices? Just what repair costs am I getting myself into?

While a vinyl liner pool does have a lower entry fee, it also has by far higher recurring costs, repair costs and maintenance fees than any other form of pool. You see vinyl pool liners have an average lifespan of 3-8 years, and depending on how long you wish to spend on your property, you could be looking at hefty fees. Each replacement (including water) will run your family around $4000.

Due to the very nature of a vinyl pool, they carry with them hidden costs, that of a devalued home; potential buyers look at the costs they’ll be burdened with purchasing a vinyl pool, and these costs can very quickly cut down the asking cost.

When thinking about concrete pools vs vinyl liner pools, we always encourage homeowners to go with a concrete pool; while vinyl pools are limited in their design, concrete pools are poured on the spot to any design and shape that you can possibly imagine. Reinforced with rebar, concrete is EXTREMELY durable, and built to last!

Give our pool builders a call for a concrete understanding of the vinyl liner pools vs concrete pool debate, and let us bring your dream pool to life!

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Vs Concrete Swimming Pools Which Is A Better Pool?

When building a pool in our minds it comes down to two aspects: cost and customization. Deciding between fiberglass swimming pools vs concrete swimming pools and which is a better pool can be arduous, but our Carolina Pool Consultants are the superior pool builders to turn to when initiating new pool construction.

Fiberglass pool costs can skyrocket once the leave the manufacturer developing warps in transit and hairline fissures can develop as they’re being set into the ground. This is because they’re created from limited molds offsite and must be transported to the home. Once set in, the fiberglass frame is subject to the elements in the form of erosion- should a heavy storm shift the sand backfill used to secure the fiberglass shell, bulges and cracks within the pool frame can further occur.

Taken in combination these can quickly add up to fiberglass pool owners spending more time paying for their pool than in and enjoying it. Concrete pools on the other hand are exceptionally durable and can be customized to any design you can possibly imagine!

How? Concrete pools are poured on site to the designs of our custom pool builders, but it also allows us to incorporate any of your design wishes, additions and custom options. Have you ever dreamed of custom water options, gently cascading into the pool from beautiful rock formations? How about a custom beach styled entryway? Sunshelf? Massive hot tub?

All options are available to concrete pool owners, but not to fiberglass pool owners simply due to the nature of how fiberglass pools are created from their molds. Bring your dream pool to life with a truly custom one of a kind pool; end the fiberglass pools vs concrete pools debate, give our Carolina Pool Consultants a call!

Trusting Your Pool Builder: Our Local Pool Builders Will Give You The Facts On Vinyl Pools Vs Concrete Pools

When looking to build a new pool who do you turn to, the big national brand, or the hometown builders part of your community? Obviously we’re a bit biased, but our success throughout the years building stunning custom pools at excellent prices has earned us the trust of the community to treat them, and their homes to the best a custom pool builder can provide.

We mean it when we say a vinyl pool will end up costing homeowners more over time, and we look forward helping your family fully understand concrete pools compared to vinyl pools.

First and foremost, building a vinyl pool comes with a vinyl liner; this is really the crux of why a vinyl pool has the lowest entry cost, and the highest overall costs of pools at large. With an average lifespan of 3-8 years, vinyl pool liners must be replaced frequently, with an average cost of $4000.

Vinyl pool liners are also exceptionally easy to puncture; ask yourself a question, do you have children, pets, overhanging branches or expect items that aren’t entirely smooth to enter the pool? If so, any and all of these items (including the very tools used to clean a pool!) can puncture a vinyl liner, leading to expensive repairs.

Building a concrete pool rather than a vinyl pool can actually increase the value of your home rather than decrease it; yes, decrease it. Potential home buyers look at the vinyl liner replacement costs they’ll be lumbered with, and must take this into account when considering whether to purchase.

Give a call to our new pool builders today to get the facts on concrete pools vs vinyl pools, and save your family the heartache when you talk to our family of local pool builders at CPC Pools.